Why The Customer Journey Is Critical To Taking Control Of Your Sales

Today in Italy, few companies use automated customer journeys to convert a potential customer.

The online consumer is exposed to up to 10 thousand advertising messages per day and in Europe the average conversion rate for online sales varies from 0.99% in Italy to 2.22% in Germany, which means that in Italy if 100 people see an ad, only one will make the purchase. Before buying a product or service, consumers come into contact with the brand an average of 5 times. By now, these contact points are no longer only physical (e.g. flyers, brochures, etc.) but also digital (email, blogs and social posts) and are also called Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) touchpoint. Touch point management is key to strengthening brand positioning, contributing positively to the purchase of the product or service by the end consumer.

The management and creation of multiple touchpoints constitutes the "customer journey" that the potential customer goes through to reach the final destination: the purchase.

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An example of this path can start from a banner advertisement on an electricity and gas promotion on Facebook. A person sensitive to renewable energies learns about the possibility of making a contract that allows to consume only green energy. He decides to leave his email or phone number to be contacted. To find out more, he uses a search engine and finds an ad of the operator through which he discovers more information about the offer. The information obtained about the service by reading its description is really interesting and the service seems just what he is looking for. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) But what are other users saying about the company? To verify this, he searches a forum where he finds out how well the company is being talked about and the promotion he just discovered. That might be enough to convince the user, but at this point he visits another website and receives a text message with the current promotion and an offer on green energy from the company he visited on Facebook. Only at this point does he decide to complete the purchase.

What is your customers' current customer journey? Let's find out together.

Customer journeys can have different objectives and can be used in both pre-sales and post-sales. These routes are created after analyzing the steps a potential customer takes, in order to reach the customer at the right time and in the right channel, so as to reach the customer directly during the moment of the final decision.

When creating a customer journey, it is critical to define the goal of the journey and the touchpoints with the end consumer. The most common digital touchpoints are:

1. Email

2. SMS

3. Website

4. Display advertising

5. SEO and SEM

These digital touchpoints can be automated and measured with analytics tools to detect which ones perform best.

Today in Italy, few companies still use automated customer journeys to convert a potential customer. However, focusing on different touchpoints is essential to acquire new customers and maintain the relationship with existing ones.

Some of the most common customer journeys are as follows:

1.      Lead generation journey: has the objective of generating new contacts of potential customers interested in the products or services of the company in question

2.      Retargeting journey: It aims to re-establish contact with potential customers who have already interacted with the brand online or offline, have shown interest, but have not completed the purchase.

3.      Cross-selling journey: analyze customer purchase history and identify segments of users with similar purchases in order to propose the most suitable services or products to each of the segments identified, also based on previous purchases.

On the surface, it seems trivial and obvious to design a customer journey, but there are many difficulties behind proper and complete customer journey mapping, as metrics vary by industry and touchpoint type.

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