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We work in close collaboration with our customers to fully understand their business needs, identify their objectives, and find the best strategies to achieve them.


We support companies in defining a winning, personalized and coherent digital project with growth and business objectives.


We support companies in defining a winning, personalized demand generation activities and coherent project analysis with growth and business objectives.

What they say about us

"It is a pleasure to work with a team of young, dynamic and highly professional people. How did we meet? Of course thanks to Linkedin! Together we managed to focus on some primary needs: lead generation, CRM implementation, website optimization and e-commerce from an SEO perspective, customer journey. Thanks to Digitalics, an important change of mentality is taking place in our company".
alexander bersani
Industrial Recom
"Quality workmanship and professionalism, Digitalics is able to transport and apply its know-how to any type of scenario. By collaborating with Digitalics, I obtained a clear and structured organization of my company's data that provided me a broad strategic vision of the business."
Cristian Alborghetti
Aura Corporation
"Collaborating with Digitalics means having a complete overview of all the potential that innovation and digitalization offers. Digitalics has optimized our company's digital presence by building an innovative and functional corporate communication process piece by piece."
Alessandro Lauri
Laf Italy



"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed."
Dan Zarella - Social Media Scientist at Hubspot, Inc.

We seek to answer the questions every business is pondering.

Am I doing everything I can to reach new clients? Am I doing everything I can to satisfy existing customers? Where can I improve my customer's experience to bring my business to the next level?

We collect useful data to understand who the ideal customers are, what characteristics they are looking for in a product or service and how to reach them online and offline.

We verify the current positioning of the brand and how to improve it in the future.

We monitor competitors and the strategies they adopt to plan appropriate countermeasures using competitive intelligence mapping.


"Vision without strategy is like an illusion."
Lee Bolman - Author

We create omnichannel communication strategies, capable of engaging consumers at every point of the customer journey. 

We precisely select the target audience and identify what the most effective channels are: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, newsletter, website.

We define a fully digital customer acquisition plan to generate new leads, drive sales and demand, and increase brand visibility. 


"Ignoring digital marketing is like opening a store and not telling anyone."
Eric Ries - Author

We always keep companies online communication alive and develop the brand over time with quality content.

We manage social networks, increasing engagement and interaction with users. We activate newsletters and email marketing to maintain relationships, drive traffic to websites and e-commerce, and promote products and services. 

We enhance customer acquisition through lead generation activities in B2B and B2C and increase conversion opportunities with targeted and personalized actions. 




Leader in the energy sales industry. 


What was causing contracts to be cancelled early?


Proposed a machine learning analysis on historical data to identify the factors that were driving contract cancellations.


Identified key drivers of increased retention and decreased cancelled contracts through the addition of customer support web services and a commercial offering focused on customer protection. In 12 months, our creative strategies led to +10% in revenue and -4.8% in cancellations.



Furniture industry. 


Inability to sell offline due to the pandemic.


Identify new digital communication channels and optimize the customer experience to quickly interact with customers across social media and website/e-commerce to bring them into physical stores. A customer journey articulated across three touchpoints was created.


  • Cost per lead 0,71
  • Turnover 10500
  • Profit 5600
  • Spending total 2532,96 €



Gas Detectors and Air Sampling


Absence of trade shows due to pandemic, client was unable to gain new business leads as they had no proactive business.


Opened a fully digital business contact acquisition channel through Linkedin supported by a social media strategy.


(Results obtained in 7 days)

  • 1340% increase in business community
  • 82% profile visibility
  • 62% of business contacts were brought on call after only 2 touchpoints
  • 8.5% of business contacts requested a quote
  • 22% are new potential distributors



All our plans are designed for each phase of your business. Each of your ideas will be supported by our experience.










Analyze FAQ's

Having a complete overview of your target market is key to making informed decisions and moving with finesse. Knowing your competitors' moves and the trends emerging in a given sector allows you to minimize the possibility of making mistakes and maximize the objectives of your strategically crafted moves.

Analyzing the competitors allows you to know your target market and identify the right strategies to move within it with familiarity. In order to position yourself strategically and identify your target precisely, it is essential to know the moves of your competitors.

The digital market is evolving for every industry. Intercepting the right trends and exploiting them dynamically and precisely is a very important activity. Identifying, understanding and promoting trends increases the possibility of obtaining a competitive advantage in the market.

"Take a good idea and stick with it. Pursue it, and work with it until it works well." Digitalics believes in your idea and is the ideal partner to make it a reality. We provide efficient solutions based on a feasibility analysis, thanks to the expertise of our consultants.

Create FAQ's

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is the optimization of your online content in the search engine results page (SERP). SEO in advertising is an activity that makes use of keywords that can be interpreted positively by search engines, positioning their ads among the most relevant results in search pages. SEO activities will increase the indexing of your website and the number of potential clients. 

It is vital that companies use Google Ads if they want to advertise online. It allows you to create ads that get placed among the top results of Google search pages. Additionally, this software enables engaging ads on websites where traffic for its target audience is prevalent. Using Google Ads effectively increases the traffic on your website by increasing the coverage of your target audience and increasing brand awareness of products or services offered. 

Digitization brings advertising management for companies operating in both business and consumer markets and allows for social channels to increase brand awareness and value. Having a profile on social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) is certainly the starting point but definitely not the ending point of this process. Exploiting your presence on social networks in this perspective allows you to create online advertising and build a reputation for your products and services. It also provides information and sponsored content about the company's business, appealing to the eyes of its target, creating opportunities for contact and direct conversion.

What is Lead Generation? The activity of lead generation allows you to acquire, profile, and qualify potential customers. More specifically, it is an integrated marketing action that brings together a set of solutions that aim to generate highly profiled visits to the online channels of your company. It allows you to increase your visibility in terms of brand awareness and create a contact list of potential customers which can be used to subsequently implement your strategies. Thanks to this practice, it is possible to create highly personalized interaction paths and funnels. The lead generation actions allow you to collect the data of the users who arrive on the site and make it available for further activities. This is a crucial resource to activate new contact points with potential customers and to generate a series of actions aimed at selling. Cultivating a list of carefully selected contactis the starting point for the digital activity of every company.

Branding means giving your brand a specific identity, different from others yet recognizable in the collective imagination of existing and potential customers. Branding collects all the activities that aim to build a solid and authoritative brand image. Textual and visual communication is fundamental in this process and must be synced with all channels of content delivery.

The corporate website is the company's main digital presence. Through the website, companies communicate their identity, their values, their mission, and the products and services they offer to users. Therefore, having an optimized and communicative website is essential for a company that wants to capitalize on its digital activity and create a foundation for its omnichannel strategy. Very often, investments in one's own website do not bring the desired results. This is because many companies do not entrust its creation, development and monitoring to competent professionals in the field. The use of cutting-edge software, marketing analysis, and the know-how of professionals is the winning combination to achieve concrete results. If you need a consultation, you can rely on Digitalics to perfect your website or e-commerce and have a winning solution for your business.

Go Live FAQ's

Owning official pages on social media is now essential. Having a constant presence is essential. The social presence of each company lives in an ecosystem composed of knowledge and strategy. To achieve the best possible results, we must be able to capture it, retain it and finally convert it. Professionalism = Results.

The newsletter is an email marketing action. The mailbox is a fundamental touchpoint in digital strategy to increase the conversion of the target and guide them during their interaction process with the brand. In fact, email marketing allows you to reach, through an automatic process, the already loyal users, increasing their participation as well as capturing the attention of users potentially interested in products, services and content of a brand.

Marketing Automation refers to software platforms that support digital marketing activities with automated content that reach user segments in a quick, effective and personalized way, without losing sight of creativity and originality. Automated marketing activities make it possible to capitalize on the entire process of acquiring business intelligence, enhancing the value of the technological investment. 

For a company operating in the era of digitization, it becomes increasingly important to carefully manage data in order to make informed and goal-oriented business decisions. Knowing how to select, categorize and analyze data is the end result of the business intelligence acquisition process. To support this activity, a combination of software is essential to produce only "useful" data, while skimming off misleading data.


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