7 Digital Strategies To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Get your ecommerce sales up in 7 moves. Here are strategies you can apply right away to eliminate abandoned carts and drive online purchases.

Increasing the sales of your ecommerce is a fundamental objective because the competition in this sector is increasingly aggressive. New online stores open all the time and, with the possibility of other lockdowns, more and more businesses are moving to the web.
Few of these businesses, however, manage to survive. As many as 8 out of 10 ecommerce stores close within the first year. How is this possible if online shopping continues to grow?
The answer lies in the lack of strategy and customer care. It may seem trivial but it is the key to increasing your ecommerce sales. Orders in your online store run the risk of stagnating at zero if you do not pay attention to these aspects and do not adopt an organized web marketing plan.

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Bring More Traffic To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Today, if you want your business to succeed, you cannot open a shop and hope that the product sells itself. To increase the sales of an ecommerce, it is essential to have customers arrive and return to the site. A single visit will most likely not be enough to receive an order. The path that leads a potential buyer from the first contact to the purchase has become increasingly long and complex, passing through multiple touch points. Only 2% of visitors buy from an ecommerce store on their first visit. Therefore, it becomes essential to ensure a constant flow of qualified traffic and re-intercept users who have not yet purchased with retargeting. Three web marketing strategies for ecommerce can be useful for increasing visits to the online store.

# 1 Generate paid traffic

Activating paid campaigns through social networks or the Google network is a great marketing strategy for e-commerce that can bring excellent results in a short time. There are many opportunities: you can choose between different types of channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google AdWords. It is important to carefully target the most suitable audience without wasting the budget and to create a personalized sales funnel to increase product sales on your website. It is also possible to set up retargeting campaigns and follow those who have shown interest in a particular product in the online store, but have not purchased it, bringing it back to their attention at a later time in another digital touch point.

# 2 Optimize your site for search engine rankings

The e-commerce marketing strategies optimize the pages of the site for search engines in addition to the creation of content to attract visits. Without buying paid traffic, there is another way to increase product sales on your website and that is SEO. Thanks to organic positioning, the product pages of an online store have the opportunity to emerge naturally in searches on Google and other engines based on specific keywords. In addition to the optimization of the site, it is possible to add a blog to develop articles on topics that are interesting for users. In this way, we act on different targets that are located at different points in the purchasing process. Those looking for products already have clear ideas and are ready to buy.
Those who do not improve the SEO of their ecommerce are forced to depend on paid traffic, with the risk that costs will continue to rise over time.  

#3 Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most underrated and most effective tools you can use to increase sales to your ecommerce. It is much easier, and more likely, to sell to a user who has already purchased or who already knows the brand than to contact a stranger. The newsletter serves precisely to keep a relationship with those who have already entered the site and perhaps have already bought. The periodic flow of updates on news, product characteristics and offers allows you to keep in touch with users and propose your own commercial offer. As a web marketing strategy for ecommerce, the newsletter registration form must be implemented on the site, which can be incentivized by offering a discount coupon or extra content to those who subscribe. Opening an ecommerce is a big investment which will be wasted if it does not receive a consistent flow of visitors interested in purchasing the products. It's like buying a luxury car and leaving it in the garage without gas. If you're not adopting strategies to attract customers, your online store is bound to close soon. Conversely, the more users who come to the site, the more likely they are to sell.

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Improve The User Experience To Increase Online Sales

Ecommerce isn't always easy to use. There are many factors that affect the user experience and that can increase the online sales of your ecommerce, if managed correctly. Searching for products can be difficult, causing you to lose sight of the desired item. Page load times can be long or display on mobile devices poorly curated. Purchasing can take too many unnecessary steps. Companies often invest a large amount of their budget to bring users to the online store but then neglect to check if users are comfortable with the site and able to complete online sales. Ecommerce strategies also aim to solve the problems of those who would like to buy but unfortunately cannot do so.

# 4 Curate the description of the products

To increase the sales of your ecommerce, it is necessary to provide the user with all the useful information to evaluate the characteristics of the product and encourage them to buy. 87% of online shoppers believe that the product description affects the purchase decision, especially among millennials. 76% of buyers would like a more detailed description and 66% want images from various angles. In reality, unfortunately, many product presentation sheets leave a lot to be desired. They are incomplete, unclear or copied from other sites. Sometimes the descriptions aren't even there. In this online experience, the customer does not have the opportunity to touch the item, to try it on or to contact a salesman. The text is the central element of communication: it allows you to give all the reassurance and to underline its qualities. It is essential that a photographic service is provided because it allows you to appreciate the product from multiple angles and to propose examples of use or wearability, in the case of fashion products.

# 5 Make it easier to check out

Speed ​​and ease of purchase is crucial in ecommerce strategies. To increase product sales on your website, it is vital to provide simple steps that allow customers to choose a product, put it in the cart and buy it with ease. Much of the work has already been done: users have entered the online store, viewed the items and picked which ones they want to buy. The last thing you want is for something to get in the way and prevent the customer from completing the order. This is why it is important to remove obstacles and understand why carts are abandoned. The clarity of the purchasing process, the improvement of the web design, the simplification of the registration forms ensure a better user experience and increase the sales of your ecommerce. According to SEMush research, the conversion rate can increase by 35% from a design change.

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Take Care of The Customer Service To Increase The Sales of Your Ecommerce

Reassurance is the best way to increase your ecommerce sales. Pampering the customer with customer service is one of the factors that most influence purchases. The online store must be a safe place for shopping, it must appear reliable in design and it must not have any hidden surprises. 60% of abandoned carts are caused by additional expenses, such as taxes, shipping costs and commissions, which the buyer only discovers in the late stage of payment.

# 6 Add chat

Adding a chat can increase sales to your commerce in an amazing way. Some research has shown that the presence of live support increases the conversion rate by up to 20% and even more. While shopping online a user can have many doubts and questions. Providing a live chat or an automated responder allows you to respond immediately to all uncertainties, reducing abandoned carts. When the potential buyer is indecisive or confused, all they have to do is ask for a prompt response.

#7 Build trust

Reviews can become a tool in ecommerce marketing strategies. Before buying, each user is looking for reassurance that confirms their making a good choice. The reviews and opinions of those who have already bought that same product are of great help in removing the last brakes that are preventing the sale. If the product has a good rating, customers will be more encouraged to buy it. Conversely, if there are no reviews, it could look suspicious. Adding the reviews of other users allows you to increase the sales of your ecommerce because it increases trust and improves the credibility of the products and the brand.

These are just some of the strategies to increase ecommerce sales that can be put in place. An online store is a very complex world, made up of many elements to manage and configure. Fixing details can really make the difference between selling and not selling. If you want to make your ecommerce work, contact us now for a consultation and make your online store a perfect machine.

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